Tehsildar Arrested Over Charges Of Corruption

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MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 27th Dec, 2021 ) :Anti Corruption Establiahment (ACE) arrested Tehsildar from Bahawalpur over charges of corruption during his posting in district Muzaffargarh.

Taking action on the application of a woman namely Farida Zaheer alleging Tehsildar Aftab Karim for corruption.

Director Anti Corruption Dera Ghazi Khan Division Shahid Mahboob, directed ACE Muzaffargarh circle to investigate the matter.

The ACE registered the case no 10/21 under section 161, 471, 467, 468, 420 TP and 5.2.47 PCA against him after he proved guilty after the investigations.

The ACE team raided Bahawalpur and arrested the accused.