Woman Was Put On Fire Over Refusing Marriage Proposal In Muzaffargarh

ISLAMABAD, (Muzaffargarh.City – 9th May, 2019 ) :A girl was allegedly doused in petrol and sustained serious wounds as her family refused to a suitor in Muzaffargarh on Thursday morning.

According to a police official the alleged culprit was angry as his marriage-proposal was turned down by the victim’s family, a private news channel reported.

He further said the alleged identified as Yusuf to calm his wrath drenched the girl in petrol and set on fire which put the victim’s life in serious danger, adding most of the body including face and limbs were burnt badly .

The culprit later dropped a threatened letter to the victim’s house to horrify the family, the official revealed.

Fire victim was shifted to the burn unit of a nearby hospital where her condition was declared critical by the doctors, the official stated.

The case had been filed against the alleged attacker and his unidentified facilitator, adding the search operation had been carried out as well, the official said.