Trader’s Blind Murder Leads Police To Gang Of Dacoits, Ring Leader Among 3 Held

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 25th Jun, 2020 ) :Khangarh police have smashed a gang of dacoits and highway robbers during investigations of a blind murder of a trader yielding arrest of three criminals including the ring leader,said a spokesman on Thursday. DSP Ghulam Asghar Chandia told newsmen that while tracking blind murder of a trader Ghulam Muhammad who was killed by highway robbers while he was going somewhere by his car,the investigations led police to a gang of criminals. Employing modern investigation techniques, the police team arrested Tayyab Awan, the ring leader along with two other gang members Sagheer and Fazal.

The criminals confessed to have killed the trader and illegal weapons including two pistols and two rifles besides Rs 350,000 looted cash were recovered from their possession. They also admitted their involvement in three other robberies. DPO Muzaffargarh Nadeem Abbas commended the police team including SHO Khangarh, IT staff and others and announced cash awards and appreciation certificates for them.