Muzaffargarh Comes Under Fresh Attack Of Locusts

MUZAFFARGARH, ( – 25th Jun, 2020 ) :In a fresh attack, swarm of locusts incurred irreparable loss to different crops on waste areas of Tehsil Jatoi and Bait Mir Hazar, said local farmers.

The locust damaged cotton, fodder, mong in different areas of Jatoi specially Bhinda Mehrbani.

Farmers including Allah Ditta, Khair Muhammad, Ghulam Rasool and Faiz Buksh said that they were much worried due to loss of their crops by third attack of locusts.

For the last three days, the locusts were damaging the crops,adding that swarms of the insects were attacking the crops repeatedly.

“We were trying to push locusts away by beating drums by self-help”, the added.

They appealed authority concerned to devise a comprehensive strategy for eradication of the locusts.