Survey Report Sent To Punjab Detailing 37 Historical, Scenic Sites In DG Khan Division

MULTAN, (Muzaffargarh.City – 19th Apr, 2021 ) :Tourism Development Corporation Punjab (TDCP) has sent a report to Punjab government regarding 37 historical, religious and scenic sites including 12 new tourist sites in Dera Ghazi Khan division that would be uploaded on TDCP website for easy access to information for tourists’ facilitation. The report was based on a detailed survey conducted by TDCP information center in DG Khan headed by its In Charge Sheikh Ijaz. The monuments this report encompasses included the fifteenth century mausoleum of Ghazi Khan, a Sardar DG Khan city was named after, mausoleum of Hazrat Pir Aadil, and Pir Muhammad Abdullah Shah. Sites in Muzaffargarh district included a sixteenth century mausoleum of Hazrat Syed Abdul Wahab Bukhari, 15th century mausoleum of Hazrat Sheikh Ladhu, 12th century mausoleum of Hazrat Sheikh Sadan Shaheed, 15th century mausoleum of King of Seetpur Tahir Khan Nahar and a mosque near it, 14th century mausoleum of Hazrat Sultan Manjhan, sixteenth century mausoleum of Hazrat Bagga Sher, 17th century mausoleum of Hazrat Muhammad Anwar, and a 19th century Khanpur Sadaat mosque in Alipur. Other scenic and historical sites included DG Khan Railway Station, Siphon at Kachchi canal 12 kilometers away from DG Khan city, bowl lake near Ghazi Ghat bridge, Jinah family park, Kashmir park, Khosa park.

The sites located on Suleman Mountain Range included a memorial and grave of Col Monroe at the top most point of Fort Monroe hill station, Anari Top, a TDCP resort and Dames Lake at Fort Monroe, a marvelous steel bridge at Girdo More, once a toughest turn to negotiate on DG Khan-Fort Monroe road, and other scenic sites like Baarthi, Gulki Top and Mubarki Top. Moreover, sites in Sakhi Sarwar area of DG Khan included 13th century mausoleum of Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Sarwar, a TDCP stop-over, and an airport near Choti Zeireen. In Taunsa Sharif, mausoleums of Hazrat Khawaja Suleman Taunsvi, Hazrat Khawaja Mahmood Taunsvi, a public park, Taunsa public park, Kamal park Sanghar, and Taunsa Barrage are also included in the survey report. As per the instructions of Punjab government, the report accompanied the photographs of these sites along with their map locations which would be uploaded on TDCP website to enable tourists have easy access to all these sites, officials said.