Mepco Want People To Stay Away From Electricity Installations During Rain

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 20th Apr, 2021 ) :Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) Tuesday asked the people to stay away from electricity installations during rains for their safety. Mepco circle Muzaffargarh officials said in a statement that people must not stand beneath a transformer, electric poles or conductors. They should also avoid touching such installations or keeping goods or parking their vehicles under the transformers, poles or wires. Electrical appliances must be used with three-legged plug with earth conduction provision. Avoid fastening animals with electric poles or wires supporting these poles. No structure be built or stall be set up under electricity wires or transformers.

While penetrating some nail into wall it should be ascertained that no electricity conduction material was installed inside the wall. While fitting a water pump or hand pump, it should be ensured that no electricity wire was crossing over it so that the pipes they use to develop hole in the ground does not trigger conduction while lifting soil. Moreover, wet clothes must not be hanged on metal wires and instead some plastic or cotton made wire be used for the purpose. Any emergency like short circuit be immediately reported to sub division concerned or the complaint center. People must stay away from troubled spot in case of short circuit, the release concluded.