Seven Mozaz Inundated In Medium Ranged Flood

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 2nd Sep, 2020 ) :As many as seven Mozaz of the biggest tehsil of Muzaffargarh were inundated in medium ranged flash flood approaching through Chenab river, official sources informed Wednesday. Villages containing large number of populations namely Rana Wahin, Barahin Pur, Maqsood Pur, and Syed Pur got affected by the heavy floodwater. Water had entered into mosques, school buildings and homes, with large quantity of standing crops reported destroyed as natural calamity hit fast. Affected people started migration from water-filled areas with bag and baggage and cattle to safer places.

Moreover, all low-lying areas with the river’s nearby places ranging from Rang Pur to Muzaffargarh and Ali Pur had mostly come under water, depicting their dismal picture, it was said.All protective embankments either got damaged or weakened due to water pressure, with threat of complete breakage occurring anytime.Notables of affected areas including Sarfraz, Qaswar Khaira, Ashiq Thaheem, Chaudhary Asghar and others demanded of the government to pave the embankments sharply and setting up relief camps in order to control the situation.