Secretary Agriculture Deputes Additional Experts’ Team For Cotton

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 2nd Sep, 2020 ) :Provincial Secretary Agriculture, Wasif Khursheed ordered to appoint an additional team of experts to guide farmers on cotton after monsoon rains. Official sources of Agriculture department told APP on Wednesday that the team including pest warning, Adapter research, entomologist and pathologist who would guide the farmers in wake of rains.

“White Gold” was almost ready, he said adding that farmers should conduct pest scouting twice in a week and consult the experts if they find any pest on the crop which may damage it. He informed that cotton has been cultivated on three lac acre piece of land in Muzaffargarh adding that farmers should spray pesticides recommended by experts. The source advised them to drain the water stagnant in the fields due to rains immediately to avoid any loss to cash crop.