Service Books Of Lady Health Workers Being Prepared, Arrears Released

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 8th Jun, 2018 ) :Service books of lady health workers (LHWs) would be prepared within next two to three months following regularisation of their services and the first instalment of their arrears had been released to the accounts office, officials said on Friday.

District Health Officer, Human Resources (HR), Dr Kazim Khan said that the Punjab government had regularised the services of LHWs working under IRMNCH programme in Muzaffargarh and preparation of their service books was in the process.

Moreover, the Punjab government had also promised to pay arrears to LHWs in four instalments and the first instalment worth Rs 21,352, has been released to accounts office in favour of each LHW.

He said that employees could contact the Health Departmentin case of any complaint or objection in this regard.