Get Into Rugby Programme In Full Swing In Punjab

LAHORE, (Muzaffargarh.City – 8th May, 2018 ) :Get In To Rugby programme is in full swing in Different cities of Pakistan Under the banner of Pakistan Rugby Union. Pakistan Rugby Union development officer coach Muhammad Basit who is conducting get into rugby programme in Muzaffargarh delivered lectures and gave useful tips to the aspiring rugby players belonging to different educational institutions.

“The girls alongside boys were very keen to learn rugby which shows their commitment and devotion to take up rugby as a sport,” said a spokesman of PRU while talking to APP here on Tuesday.

He said the our coaches are traveling to major cities and villages of the Southern Punjab to highlight the importance of get into rugby programme and to expose the players to the basics of the game.

“During the last three years thousands of girls and boys attended the Rugby programme that is why rugby is one of most popular sport in Southern Punjab. We have many boys and girls team in every city that is very good sign and this is only because of continuation of our rugby programme,” he said. APP/msa/zqr