PHC Action Against Quacks, Seals 5,192 Clinics

LAHORE, (Muzaffargarh.City – 24th Jun, 2018 ) :During the ongoing drive against quackery,the Punjab Healthcare Commission and district managements sealed another 5,192 clinics of quacks across the province.

The PHC teams visited 11,600 treatment centers and sealed 3,850 quacks outlets during the last two days.

On the other hand, the district administrations of the different districts had also inspected 2,785 premises, and sealed 1,342 businesses of quacks according to the Punjab Healthcare Commission Act 2010. Cumulatively, both the PHC and district authorities had visited 14,470 centers and closed down total 5,192 businesses of quacks so far.

The PHC teams had sealed the maximum number of 714 quackery outlets in Lahore, while 249 each in Faisalabad and Kasur, Sheikhupura 248, Sargodha 151, Sahiwal 136, Muzaffargarh 135, Toba Tek Singh 134, and 127 each in Sialkot and Rawalpindi.

Also, the Commission has received more than 2,200 desealing applications. Since the initiation of the PHC anti-quackery campaign in July 2015, the Commission had sealed more than 13,800 quackery outlets.

Moreover, the PHC teams during the last week, the PHC teams had sealed another 198 quackery outlets, which included 76 in Kasur, 72 in Lahore and 50 in Sheikhupura.

The teams of the Commission also closed down illegal Silver Lining and Hussain Shifa Khana drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation centres in Sheikhupura after evacuating 17 inmates and handing them over to their relatives.