PAL Organizes Online Seraiki Naattiya Mushaira

ISLAMABAD, (Muzaffargarh.City – 26th Apr, 2021 ) :Seraiki Hamdiya and Naatiya Mushaira organized online by the Pakistan academy of Letters (PAL) on Monday In the Holy month of Ramadan. Mushaira was presided over by Dr. Qazi Abid (Multan) and Kausar Samreen (Multan) was the chief guest while Shakir Shujaabadi (Multan) was the guest of honor. Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Chairman, PAL gave the introductory speech. Dr. Sadia Kamal was the moderator. Poets from all over the country recited Hamdiya & Naatiya poetry in Seraiki. Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Chairman, PAL, giving the introductory speech, said that there is a tradition of prayer at the beginning of all the old stories and folk tales of Seraiki. Poets like Hazrat Sachal Sarmast, Hamal Khan Leghari have the features of modern Naat in Seraiki Literature. The journey of Seraiki Naat continued in one form or another through Khair Shah Tunsui, Imam Din Hazarawi, Faiz Mashhadi and Faqir Muhammad Arif to Khalifa Yar Muhammad Multani, Ghulam Qadir Multani, Munshi Muhammad Bakhsh, Faiq Multani, Munshi Muhammad Ramzan. During this time, Seraiki poetess did not lag behind anyone. The Naatiya poetry of Jeevan Khatun is the best example in this regard. Kafian written in memory and praise of Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) by Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Farid are also a part of Seraiki Naatiya literature.

Apart from Maulana Noor Ahmad Faridabadi, the poetry of Muhammad Yar Bulbul Faridi marks a golden age in Seraiki Naat writing. Similarly, Muhammad Ramzan Talib, Muhammad Mustafa and Mian Mushtaq wrote unparalleled Naats. Chairman PAL, Dr. Yousuf Khushk said that in the nineteenth century, Khawaja Ghulam Farid conveyed to the people the universal message in the Seraiki language, such as the oneness of God and following the Holy Prophet (PBUH), through his poetry. His poetry teaches love, peace and tolerance. This tradition of the Seraiki language was further enhanced by the later modern poets. Seraiki’s poetry and literature have also been influenced by religious beliefs and trends. The Seraiki language is full of valuable Naat writings. I am thankful to all the poets that despite the difficult circumstances of Covid-19, they participated in this Hamdiya & Naatiya Mushaira.Participants of Mushaira included Wafa Chishti (Islamabad), Amanullah Arshad (Rahim Yar Khan), Muhammad Sajid Durrani Qadri (Ahmadpur Sharqiya), Saeed Tharwat (Rahim Yar Khan), Rizwana Tabassum Durrani (Multan), Khurshid Rabbani (Dera Ismail Khan), Ghayyur Bukhari (Bahawalpur), Manzoor Sial (Muzaffargarh), Imran Mir (Dera Ghazi Khan),Hina Iqbal and others presented Hamdiya and Naatiya poetry in Seraiki language.