Officials Face Inquiry On Corruption Charges

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MUZAFFARGARH, ( – 14th Dec, 2021 ) :Departmental investigation was initiated against Assistant Director Local Government (ADLG) Muzaffargarh and Administrator Municipal Corporation (MC) Khangarh after a local person lodged complaint with PM’s Portal Complaint Cell.

According to official sources, an unidentified citizen had registered complaint against aforesaid officials namely ADLG Abdul Ghafoor Gopang and Administrator MC Khangarh Asif Jatoi at the citizen portal for embezzlement of funds reserved for development schemes started here.

Some proofs with evidences were reported to have been attached with the application.

Following complaint, Assistant Director of Local Government Layyah was deputed as inquiry officer who had taken records of the concerned schemes into his custody before launching formal inquiry into the case.