Multan Electric Power Company Guidelines For Consumers To Stay Safe During Rainy Season


MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 13th May, 2020 ) :Superintending Engineer Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) Muzaffargarh circle Mahr Nazar Munammad Dab has urged the consumers to be cautious during rains for their safety. In a statement issued here Wednesday, he also instructed field staff to do safety equipment and follow guidelines when rectifying faults caused by rains in the system. He appealed the consumers to avoid standing beneath electricity conductors, poles and transformers during rain, avoid parking vehicles and putting clothes or other material there.

Consumers should also refrain from kneeing their cattle heads fastened with poles, metallic water supply pipes or electricity conductors. People should avoid touching electricity switches, wire or appliances when their hands, clothes or shoe are wet. People should not hang clothes on metal wires to drying these and instead use ordinary ropes. Moreover, consumers should also avoid illegal constructions or placing stalls or carts beneath the transformers and high voltage lines.Consumers should convey information to Mepco officials in case of noticing any violation.