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Mepco Install 592 Km HT Lines

MULTAN, (. – 17th Jan, 2018 ) :The Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) has installed 592 km high tension (HT) lines under projects of providing electricity to consumers with better voltage, connections and system upgradation the current fiscal year -18.

The total length of HT lines of the company reached 73491 kilometre while 257 kilometre Low Tension (LT) lines were installed during the same period and total length of LT lines reached 47980 kilometre.

According to a press release issued here on Wednesday, the company installed 45 km HT and 44 km LT lines in Multan circle, 40 km HT and 19 km LT lines in DG , 75 km HT and 38 km LT lines in Vehari, 89 km HT and 69 Km LT lines in , 101 km HT and 25 km LT lines in Sahiwal, 27 km HT and 11 Km LT lines in Rahim Khan, 19 km HT and six km LT lines in Muzaffargarh, 87 km HT and 42 km LT lines in Bahawal Nagar and over 104 km HT lines were installed in Khanewal circle from July to December 2017.


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