Mangoes Exports Of 1,29,423 MT Fetch US $ 94.059 Mln In Two Years

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ISLAMABAD, (Muzaffargarh.City – 26th Sep, 2017 ) : The quality Pakistani mangoes exports of 1,29,423 Metric Ton (MT) to different countries in the world has contributed US $ 94.059 million precious foreign exchange to national kitty during two years.

During year 2014-15, Pakistan exported 65,311 MT mangoes worth US $ 45.672 million while year 2015-16 witnessed export of 64,112 MT and amount was US $ 48.387 million. Sources at Commerce Division quoting figures of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Tuesday said it is a fact that most of the countries require Vapour Heat treatment and irradiation before export.

The present government has taken steps to improve quality of mangoes and these included that Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) have been provided to mango growers while 313 Mango Orchards were registered according to SOPs for mango export to United States, Australia, Korea, European Union (EU) member countries and other sensitive countries after technical audit for quality.

The government also provided SOPs to fruit and vegetable exporters and got established and accorded registration to 54 Mango pack-houses for exportation of fresh mango fruits from Pakistan to USA, Korea, EU member countries and other sensitive countries after technical audit for quality of planning.

Moreover, the sources said the government provided SOPs to fruit and vegetable exporters and got established 34 Hot Water Treatment (HWT), three (3) Vapour Heat Treatment (VHT) and one Irradiation facilities and accorded registration for exportation of fresh mango free from pest and disease to sensitive countries after technical audit.

The sources said the government has got established 34 ripening chambers for ripening of mango and banned use of Calcium Carbide as mango-ripener being detrimental to health. The authorities concerned also imposed ban on use of wooden crates as packaging of mango fruit for export to other countries to avoid damage due to nails and rough surface of wood and insect/pest harboring in it.

The government has facilitated in initiation of sea- freighted export of fresh mango fruit from Pakistan to European Union countries notably the United Kingdom by opting Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technology based on System Approach to economize exports and earn maximum foreign exchange.

Mango growers and exporters have successfully made mango shipment to UK. Cold storage facilities developed in Punjab and under development in Sindh will help to remove field heat (pre-shipment) to carry the shipment to its destinations without any quality loss/deterioration.

The Agriculture Sector Linkages Programme (ASLP) has already been conducted for improvement of mango production and value chain in Pakistan at following location Punjab (Multan, Muzaffargarh and Rahim Yar Khan) and in Sindh (Hyderabad, Tando Allahyar, Matiari, Mirpur Khas) with focus on enhancement of export of mangoes to Japan had been on top agenda of Ministry of Commerce and Textile.

The sources said to better market Pakistani mangoes and create demand in Japanese market, the Ministry in collaboration with Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) and Trade Officers posted in Japan held various events.

As a result of promotional events organized in Japan, the export of mangoes to Japan is on rise since 2014-2015. There had been tremendous increase in export of mangoes to Japan. Furthermore, the Ministry of Commerce and Textile is also working to promote export of frozen mangoes to Japan as well.

The other measures included establishment of spread of clear mango nurseries, improved orchard management practices, integrated management of field disease and pest, post-harvest studies and their management, extension & capacity building, sea freight and ripening protocols for Sindhri and Chonsa, new chemicals for controlling of post-harvest diseases, identification/development of national and international markets (China, Malaysia, EU/UK) and development of self-propelled mango picking basket to avoid any physical damage to harvest/produce to enhance shelf life.