Fish Seed Hatchery Center Inaugurated In Muzaffargarh

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MUZAFFARGARH, ( – 13th Nov, 2021 ) :Punjab Minister for Wildlife and Fisheries Syed Samsam Bukhari on Saturday inaugurated Fish Seed Hatchery Center here at Ghazanfargarh, a suburban area of Muzaffargarh.

On this occasion, the minister said that fish was a food with full of protein and after the establishment of this centre fish would be available to common people at low prices with increase in its production.

Secretary Wildlife and Fisheries South Punjab Sarfraz Khan Magsi, DG Fisheries Dr Khalid Pervaiz, Director Fisheries Riaz Mushtaq Ali Qureshi, Deputy Director Fisheries were also present.

Syed Samsam Bukhari said the purpose of launching this project was to provide facilities to fish seed farmers including technical training on modern style and provision of different types of fish to the common man.

He said the owners of the areas where the land was uncultivated due to saline water should adopt fish farming and strengthen the country’s economy.

He said that the establishment of hatchery center would also benefit the fish farmers of the area as the center has started production.

The center will produce about 6 million fish seed annually.

He said that work was also underway to store fish in rivers.

Secretary Wildlife and Fisheries Sarfraz Khan Magsi said that fish farming was being made on 88,000 acres of land across the province while 38,000 acres in South Punjab which is increasing by 20 percent annually.

Giving briefing, Deputy Director Fisheries Mushtaq Ali Qureshi said that the hatchery was consisted on 52 acres in which 36 ponds on 35 acres. Rs 96.4 million have been spent on the project concerned.

The provincial minister also planted a tree in the Hatchery area.