DC Seeks Report About Colonies Set Up For Flood-hit People

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 27th Jan, 2018 ) :Deputy Commissioner Saif Anwar Jappa sought a report about present stauts of houses donated by Turkish government or the Punjab government to flood-hit people during 2010.

The government had given 1,515 houses to flood-hit people with a condition that they themselve would remain there and they were not allowed to sell or give these houses on rent.

It is noticed that some people had allegedly sold or given these units on rent.

The residents of union councils Chijra Karamdad Qureshi, Waan Patafi, Basira, Gulwala, Nahanwali, Mubarakpur, and Monda were hit by floods in 2010. The official sources said residents of these areas were given homes by the Turkish government as well as the Punjab government.

Deputy Commissioner Saif Ullah directed officials of the revenue department to present a detailed report about residents of colonies in seven days.