Agri Secy Expects Better Cotton Production As Current Condition Of Crop Satisfactory

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MULTAN, ( – 23rd Aug, 2021 ) :South Punjab Agriculture Secretary Saqib Ali Ateel Monday inspected cotton demonstration plots in Muzaffargarh and Rohilanwali.

The Pink bollworm attack was not observed in both the demonstration plots, however the white fly attack was seen below the economic threshold of loss.

The overall condition of cotton was satisfactory. The first picking yielded 10 maund per acre.

Speaking on the occasion, the Agriculture Secretary said the biological strategy was proving to be very beneficial. The farmers’ cost per acre has been reduced, crop pests have also been kept below the economic threshold, he said. Similarly, the adoption of IPM method increased the number of friendly insects and the crop had not been subjected to any kind of pest pressure.

The bird’s nest on the cotton crop proved that the IPM model was a farmer and eco-friendly method that needed time to develop. The farmers prefer natural control of pests. He remarked “for the first time, bio-pesticides have been used extensively on the cotton crop, which has yielded good results and boosted farmers’ morale.”He added that farmers should complete the use of fertilizers in the cotton crop by August 31. At present, the cotton crop was in good condition and the fruits and flowers were more than last year. The Agriculture Secretary said that better cotton production was being expected during the season.