11 Middlemen Held For Purchasing Sugarcane On Low Prices

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 14th Jan, 2017 ) : Assistant Commissioner Dr Saif Ullah Bhatti arrested 11 middlemen for purchasing sugarcane from farmers on low price, here on Saturday.

Working on a tip-off, the officialraided Shahjamal area and arrested eight middlemen including Ghulam Mustafa, Saif Ullah, Zahid Hafiz, Bashir Khan, Amjad, Shaukt, Shahid and Waseem.

Cases have been registered against them.

During another raid at Chowk Qureshi area, the assistant commissioner arrested three other middlemen including Muhammad Sajid, Muhammad Javed and Mukhtiar Hussain for the same offence. Case have also registered against them.