Two Dacoit Gangs Busted

MULTAN, (Muzaffargarh.City – 06th Feb, 2018 ) :Alpa police claimed on Tuesday to have busted two dacoit gangs and recovered looted valuables and weapons from their possession. A police team headed by SHO Alpa Rana Zaheer Babar busted two dacoit gangs involved in snatching cash, motorcycles and valuables from people.

The police arrested four members of Ejaz alias Juri gang and Sabir alias Walya gang who were identified as ring leaders- Ejaz alias Juri and Sabir alias Walya, Jamshaid and Khairat alias Khairato.

The police recovered looted valuables including cash and weapons from their possession. The gangs were involved in different cases at Jhang, Muzaffargarh, Ahmedpur Sial, Khanewal and Multan districts. Raids were being conducted to arrest their accomplices Irfan Gangla and Akhtar Gangla, police said.