Two Bike Lifter Gangs Busted In Multan


MULTAN, (Muzaffargarh.City – 25th Jun, 2020 ) :Local police claimed to have busted two bike lifter gangs comprising over seven members involved in stealing motorbikes, particularly in limits of cantonment division here on Thursday. It had also recovered cash worth Rs. 460,000 along with motorbikes and four pistols from possession of gang members. The arrested accused ringleaders were identified as Sagheer s/o Zulfikar, resident of Faiz Pur Bhutta running Sagheera gang and other was Ali Raza s/o Muhammad Bilal resident of Muzaffargarh operating in name of Ali Raza Gang. Four other members of Sagheera gang identified as Anees s/o Rafique, resident of Muhammad Pur Ghotta, Rizwan s/o Sarfraz resident of ward no.

10 of Basti Khuda Dad, Zeeshan s/o Zafar Iqbal, resident of Basti Khuda Dad and Zubair s/o Riaz of ward no 10.Second accused hailing from Ali Raza gang was identified as Muhammad Nadeem s/o Manzoor, resident of Qasim Bella sent to jail.The arrested accused were disclosed to be wanted in about twenty six miscellaneous criminal cases registered with different police stations of the city in past. Some of gang members were already convicted in robbery and bike lifting cases by local courts, it was said.