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Tripping Of North System Leads To Power Breakdown Punjab, KPK Areas: Awais

ISLAMABAD, (Muzaffargarh. – 16th May, 2018 ) : Minister Power Division Sardar Awais Khan on Wednesday informed the National Assembly that various areas of and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa including Islamabad witnessed power breakdown due to reported fault in Guddu and Muzaffargarh line.

Speaking on a point of self-explanation, the minister said unfortunately the whole north system remained cut off while south was intact. Parts of KPK and Punjab including the Federal capital experienced power break-down, he said and adding that power supply to Sindh, Balochistan and Karachi remained on.

The minister said power supply to the federal capital has also been restored and with two-three hours, the whole system would be restored.

He said inquiry has been ordered and it report would be received .

Meanwhile, the spokesman ministry of power division said National Power Control Center (NPCC) was restoring the system. Entire system frequency was stable now and the generation has reached to 12,000 MW, the spokesman said.

He said Ghazi Barotha, Tarbela, Mangla has been synchronized and connected to the national grid system. He said supply to parts of Islamabad, , and Mardan has been restored while gradual restoration to various areas of Punjab was under progress. He said secretary power division was present at the NPCC control room and supervising the situation.


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