Traders Appeal DPO Muzaffargarh To Take Notice Of Rising Incidents Of Theft

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MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 7th Jul, 2020 ) :Traders have appealed DPO Muzaffargarh to take serious notice of repeatedly theft occurring in their shops for the third time and help trace the thieves and recover their valuables.

They expressed their concern over repeated incident of theft occurring in a shop at Basira adda here in Muzaffargarh here on Tuesday.

According to details, unknown thieves have repeatedly stolen away mobile phones and other accessories from a shop for third time in a year.

The owner of the shop namely Rashid Mahmood informed the police that he was deprived of precious valuables for third time.

Traders Qasim, Abdul Ghaffar , Munir and others have appealed DPO Muzaffargarh to trace the thieves and recover their valuables.