Town Residents Demand Sole Water Filtration Plant Functional


MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 8th Jun, 2020 ) :Residents of Qasba Karamdaad Qureshi on Monday urged the government to make the only water filtration plant of the town operational to enable them enjoy the facility of clean drinking water. The town with a population of around 60,000 had only one water filtration plant that became dysfunctional due to non-payment of electricity bill and subsequent removal of electricity meter. The facility was locked and staff deputed there has been called back since long, say residents including Mian Abdur Rasheed Qureshi, Zafar Hussain Naqvi, advocate Shahid Iqbal and others.

They said they had brought the problem in the notice of commissioner DG Khan, DC Muzaffargarh. They added that MPA Mian Alamdaar Abbas Qureshi had also visited the plant along with the deputy commissioner, a few months ago and the DC had then promised to make it operational but situation has so far remained the same forcing people to drink water sans purification facility. They have appealed commissioner DG Khan and DC Muzaffargarh to make water filtration plant functional to save the people from the risk of diseases.