Tomb Of Nawab Shuja Khan

The tomb Of Nawab Shuja Khan, The Founder Of Shujabad City Located At Shujabad(Multan), Punjab, Pakistan. Shujabad Is a Very Historical City. The Name Of The City Is On Its Ruler’s Name Named Nawab Shuja Khan Alizai. Nawab Shuja Khan, the second son of Nawab Zahid Khan, twice remained the governor (subedar) of Multan under Ahmad Shah Durrani’s rule. Nawab Shuja Khan founded the Shujabad city in 1750 and built the fortification wall between 1767 And 1772. He died in 1775 AD and was buried outside the city in a locality known as Basti Khairpur. The old City of Shujabad was protected and made secured against the invaders with the huge and high wall all around the city by the Nawab Shuja Khan. Though the condition of the wall is deteriorating yet it is still in its original position. It is very much a planned city at that time. The arrangement of old city is symmetrical. There are four bazaars within the walled city i.e. Multani Bazaar, Rasheed Shah Bazaar, Rail Bazaar and Chotaka Bazaar on the names of its four respective doors Railway Gate, Multani Gate, Rasheed Shah Gate and Chutaka Gate, Chutaka means crossing of four roads, four roads going on different directions from this Gate. Chandni Chowk is the center of all bazaars. In ancient times all the gates were locked at night.