Spiritual Healer’s Torture Results In Child’s Death

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 13th Jul, 2020 ) :A self proclaimed spiritual healer’s torturous tactics caused the death of an adolescent after he forced the child to drink hot oil for what he claimed the expulsion of evil spirit from child’s body at Mehmood Kot area of district Muzaffargarh, police said on Monday. Sajjad Hussain (10), the son of a poor farmer Mukhtiar Hussain, was ill and his father took him to a fake pir namely Ghaffar Shah for his spiritual treatment. The alleged fake peer told Mukhtiar that his son was under the influence of some evil spirit and its expulsion was the only way to curing the disease. He then took the child to a room and started heating oil. Then he caused burns on child’s face by hot oil and then poured it into his mouth and the child fell unconscious.

Noticing the deteriorating condition of the child, the accused Peer handed him over to his parents asking them to take him home and claimed that he will be alright within an hour. He also threatened them that he would send evil spirits to their home if they told any one about the incident. The child, however, died on the way and his father Mukhtiar reported the incident to police. Mehmood Kot police have registered FIR against the accused on charge of killing the child and started investigations. The accused spiritual healer has escaped leaving his business place (Aastana) locked and police have started conducting raids for his arrest.