Six Zaireen Allowed To Go Home After Tested Negative For Virus

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 8th Apr, 2020 ) : Six Zaireen were allowed to go home from a quarantine centre at Chowk Sarwar Shaheed while another tested positive sent to isolation ward of Muzaffargarh hospital here Wednesday. Assistant commissioner Fayyaz Ali saw off the six Zaireen including women and children and sent them to their respective homes under his own supervision.

These Zaireen and their families were briefed on protective measures and they were further instructed to remain under quarantine at their homes for fourteen days as a precautionary measure.Seven Zaireen were brought to Chowk Sarwar Shaheed quarantine centre from Multan quarantine and they were kept under observation. Six of them sent to home after tested negative for the new coronavirus and the seventh one was shifted to isolation ward of Muzaffargarh hospital for treatment after tested positive for the virus.