Six People Loot Multinationals Stockists

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MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 17th Jun, 2021 ) :Six people incurred heavy loss upon distributors of multinational companies by taking huge quantity of groceries on credit and later fled away without submitting its purchase cost of the stockists.

Alleged fraudsters identified as Shah Brothers including Saqib Shah, Ateeq Shah, Bilal Shah, being stated to be of same blood relation impersonated themselves as relatives of personals of some spy agency named as Asif alias doctor and his brother in law Adnan Zakriya.

They kept on collecting grocery stock from the stockists operating in Muzaffargarh, Khan Garh, Multan, DG Khan and related districts for the last one year at least, and later vanished away all of sudden which caused huge loss to the businessmen it was said.

Affectees including distributors Arif Khan, Faisal Bhatti, Sheikh Waqas, Arsalan Qureshi, Rana Khalid amassed outside of Multan press club to stage protest against the fraud.

They claimed they were deprived of around Rs.100 millions collectively.

Talking to journalists they said fraudsters Shah brothers took stock of different companies regularly from their points and instead paying off the money, they fled away.

They blamed to the police that it had failed to protect traders anyway and demanded of providing them justice and arresting accused party at the earliest.

After protest they met with DPO Muzaffargarh Hassan Iqbal in delegation to provide them documents and proofs relating to brutal forgery committed against them.

DPO marked inquiry to Civil Lines police station and ordered SHO to register FIR before launching investigation into the crime.