SC Rejects Jamshed Dasti’s Plea To Recount Votes In NA-182

Islamabad (Muzaffargarh.City – 8th August, 2018) The Supreme Court of Pakistan has rejected Awami Raj Party leader Jamshed Dasti’s petition to recount votes in NA-182.

According to media reports, Dasti had filed a petition in the SC to recount votes in NA-182 but the apex court, while rejecting his petition, directed him to contact the election tribunal.

In an upset in general elections 2018, Jamshed Dasti lost from two Constituencies of Muzaffargarh NA-182 and NA-184 constituency.

Dasti requested ECP in the application for recounting in 295 polling stations in his constituency in Muzaffargarh district.

Jamshed Dasti of Pakistan Awami Raj lost to Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians candidate Mehar Irshad Ahmed in NA-182, Muzaffargarh.

Form 45 was not provided in NA-182 by the allocated returning officer (RO) while at least 6,499 votes were rejected in NA-182 upon which, Dasti had filed a petition for vote recount.

Following his defeat in the general elections 2018, Jamshed Dasti has also suspended this service and got those buses parked at a local petrol pump.

Dasti’s media coordinator Sohail Ghauri however said that the free bus service has been suspended due to shortage of funds and will restored in a few days.