Saline Water Damages Standing Crops In Ten Villages

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 20th Aug, 2020 ) :Saline water destroyed standing crops of sugar cane and rice on acres of land in ten villages of Kot Addu Tehsil of Muzaffargarh. Farmers including Rahim Bukhsh , Kuda Bukhsh , Ghazanfar Abbas, Anwar and others told APP on Thursday that due to non rotation (wara bundi) of water from TP link and Muzaffargarh canals and muddy embankments have resulted in salinity in low lying areas. They said that 20 km of Muzaffargarh canal was not cemented adding that while rest of the canal was cemented which was beneficial for framers of of the areas.

Farmers of Mahmood kot are producing 1700-1800 mound sugar cane per acre because their areas are salinity free whereas the most hit areas by Saline included Eastern, western rukh, Qaim wala, Awal and Doum khai etc. No crop can be cultivated in these areas, the farmers said and appealed to provincial and Federal governments to get issue of salinity resolved.