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Sahibzada Muhammad Ali Sultan Wins 5th Thal Jeep Rally

MUZAFFARGARH , (Muzaffargarh.City – 22nd Nov, 2020 ) :Sahibzada Muhammad Ali Sultan won the 5th Thal Desert jeep Rally 2020 on Sunday. The concluding ceremony was held at Faisal Stadium Muzaffargarh. The main winner in prepared Category Sahibzada Muhammad Ali Sultan covered 105 kilometer track in 1 hours, 06 minutes and 16 seconds whereas Asif Fazal Chaudhary remained second and Faisal Khan Shadi Khel third. In B category Muhammad Bilal Ashiq remained first, Muhammad Owais Khawani second and Asad Khan Shadi khail third; in category C, Dr Harris Khan was first, Gouhar Aslam Sangi second and Mahmood Majeed third; in D category Zafar khan Baloch was first, Umar Kanju second and Bewraj Mazari third.

In Stock category Female, Salma Khan Marwat remained first, Rakhshanda Jabeen second and Tashna Patel stood third. Stock Category A, Taimoor Khawaja first, Adil Naeem second and G Yaand Hawat third; B category, Sultan Muhammad Bahadur Aziz was first, Aziz Rafiq second and Ameenullah Khan third; in Category C stock, Muhammad Hassan Jandeer was first, Asad Marwat second and Rashid Abdullah third. Stock D category, Shakil Ahmed first, Shah Gul Mazari second and Mahar Ahmed Ali Hiraj took third position.APP /kmr-sak2050 hrs

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