Rs 462m Concept Papers To Conserve 6 Monuments In South Punjab, Build New Museum At Harappa

MULTAN, (Muzaffargarh.City – 9th Feb, 2021 ) :Multan archaeology department has sent concept papers for conservation and restoration of six monuments in South Punjab and building a new museum at Harappa at a cost of around Rs 462 million, officials said on Tuesday. Archaeology department Incharge Malik Ghulam Muhammad said that one of the proposals included conservation of centuries old monument, Harrand fort, in district Rajanpur between Suleman Mountain Range and river Indus and involved a cost of around Rs 300 million. Other monuments included three located in district Muzaffargarh including mausoleum of Tahir Khan Nahar (Rs 10 million), mausoleum of Hazrat Sheikh Ladhu (Rs 12 million), and Rs 10 million for conservation of roofless mausoleum of Hazrat Sheikh Sadan Shaheed locally known as angels’ tomb or “Farishton Ka Darbaar” that is decorated with meticulous calligraphy in brickwork on all four sides.

A concept paper necessitates the conservation of Amb temple and fort in Khushab that is stated to be built during in Hindu Shahi period from 7th to 9th centuries CE. The concept paper put the cost on its restoration at around Rs 40 million. Another monument, Shershah Bawli in Mianwali would cost around Rs 10 million and cost of the new museum at Harappa was assessed at around Rs 80 million. Officials said that they would start preparing PC-1 reports of the projects once these are approved by the competent authority and would be made part of annual development plan of next fiscal year./395