Rs 450m To Be Spent To Complete 228 Development Schemes

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 23rd Dec, 2020 ) :Deputy Commissioner Amjad Shoaib Khan Tareen on Wednesday directed officials to complete spadework for in time completion of 228 development at a cost of around Rs 450 million. Presiding over a district development committee (DDC) meeting, he asked executive engineers to personally visit sites for survey adding that no scheme would be changed at a later stage. He also directed finalizing estimates of those schemes that were pending so that all development initiatives could complete by May 31, 2021 timeline. The 228 schemes for electricity, Sui gas, roads, drains, tuff tile pavement, and soaling would be carried out in Constituencies in Muzaffargarh including NA-181, NA-185, and NA-186.

In NA-181 constituency, Rs 70 million would be spent to complete 81 electricity schemes, and two schemes of Sui gas at a cost of Rs 80 million. In NA-185, Rs 25 million would be spent to complete 39 electricity schemes, and another Rs 125 million to complete 125 schemes of drains, soaling, tuff tiles, and roads. In NA-186, Rs 50 million would be spent to complete 60 electricity supply schemes, and Rs 100 million to complete 21 schemes of drains construction, roads, soaling and tuff tiles.