Rescue 1122 Muzaffargarh Rescues 32,300 People During 2021

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MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 31st Dec, 2021 ) :District Emergency Officer (DEO) Rescue 1122 Dr Hussain Mian on Friday said that Rescue Muzaffargarh had received 937,213 calls out of which 28,313 genuine emergency calls and 879,629 disturbing calls during last year 2021.

While giving briefing to media about the performance of Rescue 1122 during the year, Dr Hussain Mian said that the average response time remained 6.5 minutes.

Rescue 1122 Muzaffargarh responded to 28313 emergencies including 6257 road traffic accidents, 17381 medical emergencies, 192 fire emergencies, 786 crimes, 42 drowning emergencies, nine building collapse and 3646 other emergencies.

Rescue 1122 responded to all these emergencies and rescued 32,300 people in which 7943 persons were given first aid on the spot and 23116 persons were shifted to the hospital while 1241 persons died on the spot.

He said that a large number of disturbing calls were received in the rescue control which was a cause of great concern for us but the software launched on the instructions of DG Rescue Respected Dr Rizwan Naseer EMDS not only made it possible to get rid of disturbing calls but also improved the response time and added that with the help of this software the caller could also see the location of the vehicle coming for his help.

Expressing his commitment regarding the new year 2022, he said that working on safety in 2022 they would create awareness among the people to control accidents.

Expressing deep concern over the increasing traffic accidents, DEO said that the majority of traffic accidents were motorcycle accidents and its major cause was underage driving, over speeding, violation of traffic rules and non usage of helmets while driving.

He said that according to the previous statistics most of the people who committed suicide died due to consuming black stone.

He said that Rescue 1122 had imparted life saving training to 5,057 people across the district during last year 2021 as well as safety audit of 57 LPG shops, 43 high-rise buildings and 24 industries and provided awareness about emergency exit and fire related safety system.

He appealed to the people to give way to Rescue ambulances as responsible citizens to provide quick response to emergencies and added that Rescue 1122 was a life saving organization which provides emergency services to the people without any discrimination and without any delay.