Punjab Jr Badminton Championship Gets Underway

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LAHORE, (Muzaffargarh.City – 7th Oct, 2018 ) :A number of matches were decided on the opening day of the Punjab Junior Badminton Championships here on Sunday at Nishtar Park Gymnasium Hall sports board Punjab.

Altogether 175 young badminton players, male and female, belonging to different parts of the province are taking part in the event.

Muhammad Amir Jan, Director General Sports Board Punjab inaugurated the event at a simple opening ceremony, which was also attended by Secretary, Pakistan Badminton Federation, Wajid Ali, and officials of Punjab Badminton Associatin.

Following are the results of the matches:- Boys U-14 Singles: Mohammad Huzaifa (Jhang) beat Fasih-ur Rehman (Lahore) by 18-21, 21-12, 21-15, Anayat Fareed (Swl) beat Mohammad Ayan (Okara) by 21-15, 17-21, 22-20, Ali Raza (Hzd) beat Mohammad Nadeem (Swl) by 21-11, 21-10, Burhan Ahmed Lodhi (DG Khan) beat Faizan Maqbool (Lhr) by 21-12, 21-7, Bilal Shabbir (Bwn) beat Mohammad Qasim-ul-Noor (Swl) by 21-12, 21-17, Ahmed Niazi (Bhakkar) beat Shah Husain (Bwn) by 20-22, 21-18, 21-16, Mohammad Ahmed Malhi (Lhr) beat Fahad (Bhakar) by 22-21, 21-14, Mohammad Usman (Okara) beat Ahmed Sheikh (Jhelum) by 21-10, 21-15, Amir Hassan Janjua (Rwl) beat Mohammad Ahmad Khan (Muzaffargarh) by 21-7, 21-9, Mohammad Areeb (Okara) bear Hashim Umar Bhatti (Jhelum) by 21-16, 21-12, Faizan Butt (Sialkot) beat Hashim Irfan (Swl) by 21-18, 21-11, Ahmed Niazi (Bhakkar) beat M Ibrahim (Multan) by 19-21, 21-11, 21-19, Mohammad Rehan (Lhr) beat M Hassan (Lhr) by 21-11, 21-13, Mohammad Kamal Jawad (Rwl) beat M Ahmed Malhi (Lhr) 21-18, 21-12.

Boys U-16 Singles: Usaid Khan (Lhr) beat Mohammad Huzaifa (Muzaffargarh) by 21-6, 21-4, Mohammad Haneef (Jhang) beat Sheryar Ali (TT Singh) by 21-9, 21-10, Talha Younas (Vehari) beat Abdullah Awan (Rajanpur) by 21-9, 21-8, Haseeb-ur-Rehman (Chiniot) beat Shahzaib Gul Hassan (Lhr) by 21-16, 21-17, Adbdul Rehman (Swl) beat Usman Niazi (Bhakkar) by 21-16, 21-19, Haseeb Ahmed (Hzd) beat Abu Bakar (Sialkot) by 21-4, 21-6, Mohammad Bin Rafay (Rwl) beat Mahid Ahmed (Lhr) by 21-5, 21-12, Anas Muavia (Jhang) beat Abdullah Shahid (Lhr) by 17-21, 21-13, 21-14, Ahmed Rayan (Swl) beat Mohammad Ibrahim (Fsd) by 21-17, 23-21, Ubaid Khalid (Jhelum) beat Saraam Farooq (Rajanpur) by 21-5, 21-2, Mohammad Umair (Bwn) beat Mohammad Tawab (Muzaffargarh) by 18-21, 21-14, 21-14, Zunain Kabeer (Chiniot) beat Abdul Malik (Fsd) by 21-17, 21-15.

Mens U-18 Singles: Raja Zulqarnain Haider (Hzd) beat Adeel Tahir (Vehari) by 21-10, 21-13, Hanzala (Lhr) beat Asad Ali (Bhakar) by 15-21, 22-20, 21-15, Hasnain Khurram (Lhr) beat Noman Farooq (Muzaffargarh) by 21-16, 23-25, 21-14, Hanzala (Lhr) beat Khubaib (TT Singh) by 21-7, 21-16, Ahmed qbal (Sialkot) beat Mobeen Imtiaz (Rajanpur) 21-3, 21-1, Mohammad Adnan (Layyah) beat Muzamil (Lhr) by 21-18, 21-12, Tahseen Shahzad (Jehlum) beat Mubariz Bin Rafay (Rwl) 21-19, 24-22, Ahmad Iqbal (Lhr) beat Awais Akbar (Hzd) by 21-16, 21-23.