Punjab government looks to boost fish production

Punjab is looking to capitalise on fish farming to increase its exports.

The government has planned projects to provide assistance to fish farmers. The fisheries department has started a number of projects too.

“We want farmers to breed fishes which can be exported,” said Fisheries Director-General Sikender Hayat. Setting up mobile laboratories is among the government’s priorities, he remarked.

Dr Hayat said that the mobile laboratories will help them reach more farmers and help them in fish farming. The private sector is being taken on board too, he added.

The farmers say that fish farming can meet the demand for seafood in Pakistan. If the government invests in the industry, then the fish can be exported too, they add.

Muzaffargarh leads the fish production in Punjab, said Rana Shamshad, the president of the fish association. The fish farm area spreads to at least 30,000 acres of land in Muzaffargarh, he remarked.