Punjab Food Authority Unearths 3 Illegal Fat Rendering Units

LAHORE, (Muzaffargarh.City – 24th Feb, 2020 ) :The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Monday unearthed three illegal fat rendering units and discarded 3,000 litres dirty oil which was produced after melting filth of animals. The operation was led by PFA Director General Irfan Memon along with food safety team in the area of Karol Ghati, Lahore. He said that PFA shut down Sheikh Ramzan, Waris and Molvi islam Fat Rendering units for extracting oil from animal fat and filth. All units were involved in the illegal food businesses and failed to produce the record of oil supply during raids. Meanwhile, extracted oil was supplied to local shopkeepers after mixing in the used cooking oil. Irfan Memon further said that PFA sealed the premises after rooting out the machinery and unwholesome food including 1,000 kilo substandard stinky raw material, 30 empty drums. He said that dirty oil is injurious to health and the process of extraction of oil from animals’ filth causes environmental pollution. He said that this oil only can be used in the bio-diesel production process. Further, the authority has closed down 32 food points besides three fat rendering units during its routine inspection operation across the province. The authority also penalized numerous food business operators (FBOs) with hefty fines and discarded a huge cache of substandard food in a daylong operation over violations. In South region, PFA shut down two Karyana stores in Bahawalpur while one each in Muzaffargarh and Raheem Yar Khan. The authority sealed all food points for preserving food graded items with non-food graded products, proved contamination in chilli and turmeric, an abundance of insects and worst condition of hygiene.

PFA Sargodha teams have sealed Mukhtar Milk Collection unit and Al-Hamd Dairy for selling adulterated milk and non-compliance of instructions. Further, meat safety teams closed down Sheikh Poultry and Arshad Mutton Shop for selling unhygienic meat and failing to meet hygienic working environment. Javed Fat Rendering Unit was also sealed by PFA owing to extracted oil from animal fat. In Khushab, food safety team sealed Ameen Dhodha House due to presence of substandard items and rats in the production area. PFA has sealed Makki Traders and Abdullah Traders in Faisalabad due to misbranding, wrong labelling and worst condition of hygiene. A meat safety team closed down Jamal Chicken Shop for not having medical certificates and stinky environment. PFA Jhang team raided Fast Food Spices Unit over adulteration and neglected the previous instructions of the authority.In Gujranwala division,�according to the details, Take Aways food point had been sealed over the usage of substandard cooking oil and unavailability of medical certificates of workers. Similarly Jawad Sweets and Karyana Store, Shahzad Karyana Store and Iftkhar Karyana store had been sealed on the basis of selling adulterated spices, substandard storage and poor arrangements of cleanliness.In Sialkot, meat safety teams had shut down Heera Meat Shop over not depositing previous fine, having no impression of stamp on meat and excess of insects.