Punjab Food Authority Seals 14 Food Points, Disposes Of 1960 Litre Tainted Milk


LAHORE, (Muzaffargarh.City – 11th Mar, 2020 ) :The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) under the supervision of its Director General Irfan Memon, raided on milk shops in the area of Sabzazar and sealed two besides disposing of 1,960 litres tainted milk on Wednesday. The DG PFA said that Hafiz Milk Shop and Haji Sardaee Milk Shops were sealed on selling substandard and tainted milk. He further said that sealed shops were using banned blue drums and poor arrangements of cleanliness were found there. Rusted pots, presence of cockroaches and flies were also witnessed in the shops. Eight milk shop had been served with warning notices over minor violations of hygiene. Irfan Memon added that tainted and substandard milk caused fatal diseases including stomach problems. Meanwhile, the authority has sealed seven food points during its routine inspection in South region. PFA sealed Multan Revari Sweets in Muzaffargarh and Alhamd Foods in Multan for failing to produce an agreement with biodiesel company and using loose colours and rancid oil. In Bahawalnagar, food authority closed down milk shop and drinking water unit over not having a food licence and usage of whey powder in milk. PFA Layyah team sealed Irfan Chicken owing to sale meat of emaciated chickens and abundance of insects in the premise. Two Karyana stores were also sealed by PFA after recovering tainted spices. PFA food safety team has sealed Al-Munir Namak Mirch on the basis of adding lose colours in red chillies, usage of rusted machinery and stinky atmosphere.

In Mianwali, City Hotel has been sealed by PFA over the usage of substandard cooking oil, presence of insects in the production area and poor storage.A dairy safety team sealed Super Start Ice Cream unit in Attock for false labelling, finding waste of rodents and poor arrangements of cleanliness. Furthermore, Waqas Fat Rendering unit was sealed over de-sealing the unit illegally, having no record and stinky atmosphere. PFA also raided Shahid Mirch grinding unit in Faisalabad and sealed it due to selling adulterated spices, having no labelling, unavailability of medical certificates of workers, poor storage and poor arrangements of cleanliness. The raiding team has confiscated three grinding machines, one packing machine and cutting machine, 800kg raw chillies and 600kg turmeric and other spices from the spot. On the other hand, PFA’s enforcement teams and District Administration uprooted unhealthy vegetable crops by ploughing on 64-Kanal land while carrying out a joint operation under the supervision of PFA Director Operations Shahzad Khan Magsi. PFA has discarded thousands of kilograms of toxic vegetables including cabbage, cauliflower,spinach and onion. The use of wastewater to irrigate crops causes health diseases afteradding its toxic materials in the ready crops.