Punjab Food Authority (PFA) Issues Notice To 55 Slaughter Houses, One Sealed

LAHORE, (Muzaffargarh.City – 8th Nov, 2019 ) :The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) started an inspection of slaughter houses in the province and issued warning notices for improvement to 55 slaughter houses.

Meanwhile, meat safety teams stopped production of one slaughter house and penalized two out of 69 in an operation.

As many as 31 slaughter houses were inspected in Lahore Zone, 21 in Rawalpindi, nine in Multan and eight in Muzaffargarh zone.

PFA Director General Captain (R) Muhammad Usman said the authority had stopped the production of the slaughter house over the presence of stale meat, stagnant water in the production area, usage of rusty freezers and worst condition of hygiene.

Apart from that, workers of the slaughter houses did not have medical certificates.

The DG said that the production of the slaughter houses would remain suspended until to meet rules of the PFA Act. He said that most of the slaughterhouses were found following the food safety standards that defined in the Punjab Pure Food Regulations 2018.