Public Transport To Restore From May15: Dr Yasmin

LAHORE, (Muzaffargarh.City – 10th May, 2021 ) :Punjab Health Minister Yasmin Rashid has announced that public transport will be restored from from May 15 at 6 a.m.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, she said that the coronavirus situation has positively improved in the province especially at places where coronavirus related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were followed.

She said that the positivity ratio in Punjab had shown a declining trend over the past week but it was still over eight percent in 26 districts adding that Eid days were extremely important to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Dr Yasmin said that 1838 positive cases of COVID-19 were reported and 81 people lost their lives during the last 24 hours.

She said just over 15,000 tests were performed in the last 24 hours adding that the positivity ratio was still on higher side in southern districts.

The positivity ratio in Rajanpur was 25 percent, Rahim Yar Khan 23, Bhakkar 22, Chiniot 20, Chakwal 18 , Faisalabad 17, Sargodha 16, Lahore 15, Sahiwal 14, Mianwali 14, Jhang 13, Attock 12, Bahawalpur 11, Khushab 11, Gujranwala 10, Dera Ghazi Khan 9, Toba Tek Singh 9, Kasur 9, Okara 9, Gujrat 9, Khanewal 9, Mandi Bahauddin 9, Rawalpindi 9, Multan 8, Sheikhuura 8 and Muzaffargarh was 8 percent.

Dr Yasmin said that there had been a noticeable decline in the positive COVID-19 tests ratio in the province due to lockdowns and restrictions. She said that a decline in hospital admissions had also been observed. The SOPs were strictly being enforced in Punjab, she said.

She said, “Upcoming week is extremely important to stop the spread of coronavirus.” The minister said that pharmacies, medical stores, petrol pumps, tandoor, milk shops, food take-aways, home delivery services, and e-commerce (home delivery) will remain opened for 24 hours. She said that vaccination centers would remain open except the first three days of Eid.

Grocery stores, beverages distributors, bakeries, atta chukkis, sweet shops, fruit and vegetable shops, battery shops for agri use, dry cleaners, couriers, laundries, Mandis of fruits, grains and vegetables, workshops, oil depots, opticians, utility services, cellular companies and call centers had been allowed to do business from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. the minister said.

She said that there would be complete ban on Chand Raat (a night before Eid) Bazars and restaurants, marriage halls, parks, entertainment sites, social gathering, sports and other festivals.

She said that compliance with mask wearing would be ensured. She said that Railway service would be allowed with 70 per cent of capacity and intercity transport would be allowed till 6 p.m. on Monday so that people could easily travel to their home towns.

The Specialized Healthcare and Medical education Department facilities had also shown declining trend in their hospitals as well.

The rush had decreased a bit due to reduction in the number of cases.

By the blessings of the Allah Almighty, the minister said the coronavirus situation was getting better in Punjab.

About rumors being spread about shortage of oxygen in Punjab, the minister said that currently, officials in health department were working 24/7. “I salute frontline health workers for serving coronavirus patients without taking any leave,” she said.

Dr Yasmin said that all doctors would be on duty in hospitals during Eid holidays.

“We have started tender for procurement of oxygen and I will ensure setting up of oxygen generation plant in every large hospital.

“We have talked to industries department to ensure there is no shortage during Eid holidays, ” she said.

The minister said that elective surgery will remain suspended for the next two weeks.

She said that the private sector was also supporting the government for the treatment of coronavirus patients.

“We are grateful to the private sector for supporting us during the pandemic” she said.

The minister further said that there was no shortage of vaccine in Punjab.

“After increasing the number of centers, 436,000 people can be vaccinated per day,” she informed.

She said that Dental and Medical College, Central Park Medical College, Indus Hospital Manawan, Sabza Zar Hospital and Indus hospital Kahna centers had been made functional.” From 1st of June, vaccination of 324,000 people will be started and from 1st July, 442,000 people will be vaccinated,” she said .

She said that Punjab had a stock 832,000 doses currently and another 250,000 doses were coming shortly.

The minister said that the COVEX was also giving 1.2 million doses as per their commitment.

Dr. Yasmin Rashid elaborated that Federal Minister Asad Umar had assured that there would be no shortage of vaccine and separately Punjab had allocated Rs. 1.5 billion for the purpose and procurement process was almost complete.

She said that by the end of May, Punjab will try to procure more vaccine.

“This is a continuous battle against coronavirus and people must themselves vaccinated,” she said.

The minister said that there had been no side effects of coronavirus vaccine so far.

Dr Yasmin Rashid appealed to the people to celebrate Eid with simplicity.

The coronavirus pandemic had hit the entire world. The world economy had been badly hit by the pandemic. Over 8,000 people lost their lives due to the pandemic.

She said, “Let us pray to Allah Almighty for the end of the pandemic.” Speaking on ‘Mother Day’, she said, “Today is Mother’s day and I salute all mothers and I want to tell them that mothers role is crucial inthis pandemic. Mothers must educate their children not to go outsideunnecessarily and ask your children to comply with SOPs,” she said.