PPIB To Set Up 1200 MW R-LNG IPP At Muzaffargarh

ISLAMABAD, (Muzaffargarh.City – 14th Nov, 2016 ) : Private Power and Infrastructure board (PPIB) is actively working for development of R-LNG based IPP of 1200 MW to generate reliable and affordable electricity.

According to a press release issued here on Monday, the power from the project will be added into the national grid by the year 2018 which will contribute significantly in eliminating load-shedding.

The PPIB has already initiated process by inviting bids through International Competitive Bidding from the prospective investors for the installation of combined cycle power plant of 1200 MW to address the power shortfall challenges.

Last date for submission of bids for the project is December 5, 2016 by 1500 hrs.

The said project will be located at Muzaffargarh near the existing Muzaffargarh Thermal Power Station of NPGCL having gas turbines based combined cycle technology.

The power plant will have minimum annual availability of 92 per cent. Open Cycle Operation is scheduled to start by February, 2018 whereas the full Combined Cycle Operation will start by end 2018.

This is a viable option to address the electricity demand supply gap in early 2018 and ensuring elimination of load shedding by that time. Furthermore, due to the highly efficient and state of the art technology of the plant, this will be able to replace old and retiring power plants in the public sector.