PHC Seals Another 95 Quackery Outlets In 10 Cities

LAHORE, (Muzaffargarh.City – 28th Mar, 2021 ) :The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has sealed 95 outlets of quacks in 10 cities after conducting raids on 638 centres during the last week. According to the data shared by the PHC spokesperson on Sunday, on 28 centres, qualified physicians had started treating patients while other businesses were started on 204 quackery centres. The commission will also keep surveillance of 269 treatment centres, which were being run by qualified physicians at the time of raids. The PHC enforcement teams had carried out raids on over 500 centres in six cities and their adjoining areas, where 15 each centres were closed down in Faisalabad and Okara, 14 each in Lahore and Bahawalnagar, Muzaffargarh 11, and 10 in Rawalpindi, while others included Attock 9, Sialkot 5, and one each in Sargodha and Kasur.

Among these, the maximum number 57 was of the quacks, posing as general physicians and the rest were medicine stores, dental centres, laboratories, maternity homes etc.In Lahore, Shaikh Clinic, Rizwan Clinic, Noman Dental Clinic, Akram Clinic, Family Welfare Clinic, Shafique Clinic, Gulshan-e-Daud Free Dispensary, Saleem Clinic, Ali Maternity Home, Naseem Clinic, Faisal Welfare Dispensary, Zubair Awais Clinic, Mother and Child Care Maternity Home and O2 Laboratory.The PHC spokesperson informed the PHC had so far closed down over 31,700 quacks’ centres, and imposed a fine of more than Rs 678 million.