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PFA Seals 5 Food Points, Impose Rs 160,000 Fine

MULTAN, (Muzaffargarh. – 29th May, 2018 ) :The Punjab Authority (PFA) sealedfive food points and imposed Rs 160,000 fine on many other foodoutlets on violations of the PFA guidelines.

The PFA food safety teams conducted raids in Multan,Muzaffargarh, Rahim Yar Khan, Ghazi Khan and theirsuburban areas.

In Multan, the PFA sealed Waseem Pan shop and drink corner atQadirpur Raan selling ‘Gukta’, a soda point inMuzaffargarh on charge of using rust-hit machinery and poorcleanliness, Rehmani bakers and a Pan shop in Rahim Yar Khan.

Moreover, many food points in Multan and its suburbs wereburdened with Rs 56,000 fine while another Rs 104,000 fine wasimposed on food points in .

The PFA also destroyed 300 litres of adulterated milk, 550sachets of ‘Gutka’, 320-kilogram rotten fruit and vegetables,besides carbonated drinks, poor quality edible oil, spices, andsweets.

Many food points were issued warning to meet guidelinesissued the PFA.


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