People Urged To Stay Away From Electricity Installations During Rainy Season

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 9th Dec, 2020 ) :Superintending engineer, Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco), Muzaffargarh circle, Nazar Muhammad Dubb urged the people on Wednesday to stay away from electricity installations during rainy season for their safety. In a statement issued here, the SE said that people from rural as well as urban areas should avoid their presence under the transformers, wire conductors, and do not park their vehicles there. They should avoid presence or those of their cattle heads near electric poles, touching them or any other installation, avoid using metal wire to dry up their clothes, and do not touch any switch, wire or appliances when their hands, shoe or clothes are wet. He said that touching metallic water pipes and their use in any way should also be avoided.

Engineer Nazar Muhammad Dubb said that constructing structure or setting stalls or hand carts under high voltage wire conductors was not only illegal but also pose threat to life of the people. He asked people to convey information regarding any emergency to concerned sub division, division or Mepco customer service centre/complaint centre. Engineer Naxzar Muhammad Dubbb also advised Mepco field staff to wear all accessories and opt for all precautions before rectifying faults in the installations for their safety. He also laid emphasis on enforcement of novel coronavirus SOPs at all Mepco offices and installations.