People Demand Double Road From Muzaffargarh To Panjnad

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 6th Dec, 2019 ) :A large number of people took out a rally at Khangargh Chowk on Friday and demanded the government to construct a double road from Muzaffargarh to Panjnad.

The peaceful rally was led by former MNA and head of Awami Raaj Party Jamshed Ahmad Khan Dasti, former MPA Mian Imran Qureshi and other political notables of the area.

Jamshed Dasti said the previous government did not pay heed to the pressing demand of people to build a double road from Muzaffargarh to Panjnad. The single road on the route is notoriously known as killer road, Dasti added.

Former MPA Mian Imran Qureshi said that funds were allocated for feasibility study of the double road, but no progress was made so far. He urged the government to build the double road to save lives of commuters.