P&D Proposes Rs 300mln For 18 Monuments, 9 Quran Palaces

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MULTAN, (Muzaffargarh.City – 26th May, 2019 ) ::Planning and Development (P&D) department proposed execution of eighteen schemes of Auqaf department for restoration of monuments and facilities there besides construction of nine Quran Mehel (Quran Palaces) at divisional level in Punjab to protect shaheed Quranic papers.

Overall a sum of Rs 300 million would be utilized on total 22 schemes, official sources from Auqaf department told APP.

Seven of these 22 schemes were on-going and rest of the fifteen were new and all of them would be taken up in the forthcoming fiscal year 2019-20, subject to final approval.

The on-going schemes for which funding has been proposed included restoration of shrine of Hazrat Shah Sadiq Nehang in Jhang (Rs 0.758 million), construction of Quran Mehel (Quran Palace) at Sangla Hill city, district Nankana Sahib (Rs 1.837 million), reconstruction of shrine of Hazrat Bala Pir in Okara (Rs 1.752 million), reconstruction of arcade, Verandah, main entrance, Wuzu place (Ablution Point), and renovation of Ghalla Mandi mosque at Vehari (Rs 1.627 million), reconstruction of mosque at shrine of Hazrat Daud Jahanian in Muzaffargarh (Rs 2.390 million), reconstruction of Jamia Masjid Goth Aloo, Sadiqabad (Rs 0.212 million), and construction of nine (9) Quran Mehel (Quran Palaces) at divisional level for preserving and protecting sanctity of Shaheed Quranic Papers at divisional level in Punjab (Rs 42.235 million).

The new schemes proposed for North Punjab districts included Re-use of ablution water at shrine Hazrat Data Gunj Bukhsh in Lahore (Rs 13.689 million), phase-I of provision of facilities for Zaireen at shrine Hazrat Imam Ali-ul-Haq at Sialkot (Rs 10 million), Phase-I of upgradation of shrine Hazrat Bibi Pak Daman in Lahore (Rs 30 million), restoration works and provision for attached facilities at BaadShahi Masjid in Lahore (Rs 10 million), and development scheme at shrine Hazrat Baba Farid-ud- Din in Pakpattan (Rs 15 million).

Most of the new and on-going schemes for restoration of monuments were proposed in southern Punjab’s divisions of Multan, Bahawalpur and Dera Ghazi Khan.

These are thirteen in number including three ongoing schemes, one each in Muzaffargarh, Vehari and Sadiqabad.

Eight new schemes proposed to be taken up in South Punjab in 2019-20 included conservation/restoration of shrine Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya in Multan (Rs 15 million), construction and restoration of shrine Hazrat Abdul Wahab Bukhari, Daira Deen Panah, district Muzaffargarh (Rs 20 million),conservation/restoration of shrine Hazrat Sultan Ahmad Qatal in Jalalpur Pirwala, district Multan (Phase-I, Rs 10 million), development scheme at shrine Hazrat Chawli Mashaikh, Burewala, district Vehari (Rs 10 million), construction and restoration of shrine Hazrat Makhdoom Jahanian, Jahangasht at Uch Sharif, district Bahawalpur (Rs 5 million), restoration of shrine Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar in Dera Ghazi Khan (Rs 10 million), provision of facilities for Zaireen Hazrat Zinda Pir, Dera Ghazi Khan (Rs 5 million), conservation/restoration of shrine Hazrat Pir Rajan Shah, district Layyah (Phase-I, Rs 10 million).

Two other schemes worth Rs 85.5 million were proposed to strengthen monitoring of monuments under Auqaf department and system of collection of donations there.