Patients Blindness Issue; PMA Wants Transparent Inquiry To Explore Root Cause Of Patients Blindness

MULTAN, (Muzaffargarh.City – 1st May, 2021 ) :Pakistan Medical Association (South Punjab) demanded of transparent inquiry in issue pertaining to blindness of 16 patients as the Healthcare Commission victimised the doctor instead of strict action against the hospital administration.

President Pakistan Medical Association Multan Dr Masood ur Rauf Hiraj while holding press conference along with doctors of Vehari, Khanewal, Lodhran, Shujabad, Bahawalpur and Muzaffargarh, termed the blindness incident sad. He however stated that the root-cause of the issue should be ascertained properly. The Healthcare Commission had not properly investigated the issue and punished doctor without taking his viewpoint. The doctors shifted responsibility on administration of the hospital instead the eye surgeon. The Doctors stated that Dr Husnain, the Eye Surgeon, was an experienced doctor.

He had conducted thousands of surgeries for last many years. There was no negligence of Doctor Husnain, they said. They called for proper analysis of hospital operation theatre, instruments and many other factors which could be cause eye infection. The doctors also suggested that there should be separate operation theatres for eye surgeries .

The Doctors warned they would register their protest in case the actual root cause of blindness issue was not properly probed. Shifting of responsibility only on the doctor is wrong, said Masood Hiraj. It is worth mentioning here that 16 patients had lost eye sight following surgeries at a hospital at Qasba Larr, 25 km away from Multan city. On this occasion, Dr Ahmed Khaleel, Dr Arif Waqar, Dr Rana Khawar, Dr Murtaza Baloch, Dr Hafeez, Dr Akhtar, Dr Asif Gurmani and many others were also present.