Pakistan Producing 154,825-ton Banana Annually

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MULTAN, (Muzaffargarh.City – 27th Dec, 2016 ) : Pakistan has produced 154,825-ton banana from 34,830 hectares per annum with major contribution coming from Sindh and the rest shared by other provinces notably Punjab.

The tradition of banana sowing in the Subcontinent was centuries old and according to an assessment it originated from Bangladesh, said Assistant Director Agriculture Information Naveed Asmat Kahlon.

Well over 90 per cent of banana cultivation is done in Sindh i.e. 32,236 hectares out of total 34,830 hectares in Pakistan. Its cultivation in Punjab was far less than Sindh as it covers only 1,389 hectares due to unsuitable weather conditions but it was more than rest of the provinces.

However, trend of banana cultivation was now growing in Ahmedpur East tahsil of district Bahawalpur and Alipur tahsil of district Muzaffargarh. Banana production in Sindh was recorded at 127,426-ton and in Punjab 9,373-ton.

Banana can be divided into two groups botanically called Musa Cavandeshii and Musa Paradisica. Musa Cavandeshii are smaller height plants and its fruit can be eaten fresh. However, second group, Musa Paradisica has taller plants and its fruit is cooked as vegetable.