One Killed, Three Injured Over Domestic Dispute

MUZAFFARGARH, (Muzaffargarh.City – 15th Jul, 2020 ) :A middle-aged man was killed while three others were wounded over fight held over family dispute between two local groups at Jhang road, near Langar Saraey,said rescuers on Wednesday. Both sides resorted to hold firing against each other during eruption of fierce clash.

As a result Ghulam Hussain, 40, died on the spot. While Ghulam Abbas s/o Allah Wasaya, aged 50, Malik Shabir s/o Abdullah, aged 30 and Akram Mai d/o Saeed Ahmad aged 50 were shifted to DHQ hospital Muzaffargarh for emergency treatment.The deceased was also shifted to DHQ hospital in presence of police for autopsy. Police started investigation after registering FIR against accused pertaining from both parties.